Groupthink - a social media emotional sentiment stock indicator

GroupThink observes the behavior of the ups and downs of the stock market towards the emotional sentiment of real-time tweets.

Using the S&P 500 (SPX) index performance from Aug 10th to Aug 27th stock market correction, we observe the change of emotional sentiments of StockTwit tweets in day to day detail. We look at two sets of emotional factors calculated by IBM Watson - the first set of emotional factors being analytical, confidence, tentative, and the second set of emotional factors being pure human emotion of cheerfulness, anger, and negativity. The messages were aggregated from pieces of real-time user responses on the S&P 500 stock, taken daily from StockTwits.

What's particularly interesting is the sudden spike of the "anger" emotion in tweets during the August 24th Dow 1000-point drop on Monday. That emotion, however, quickly subsided as Tuesday came.

This project was intended to be a short and simple case study on whether IBM Watson could possibly accurately detect emotions conveyed through text, and whether this idea of emotional sentiment detection could be applied to analyzing real-time feedback of real users.