Dear David Rutten and the Grasshopper team

I am Jacky Liang.

I am also the Grasshopper developer TheGreenCabbage. I worked on a Grasshopper tool suite that was released with the name KT Tools as a part of a subset of Grasshopper development projects I did with the Kieran Timberlake Research Group. I am currently a Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering and Computer Science Minor pre-Junior currently studying at Drexel University.

I want to work with you and your team

David, this page was made for you and your team to accept my enthusiastic application for a Fall-Winter software development internship position -  I want to work with you and your team on the development of Grasshopper. Interacting and developing alongside you in my previous co-op experience has taught me much on user experience, technical programming, and the importance of developer interaction. 

What's so special about me:

  • From writing software intended for public release, making user experience better on existing software, and to making great graphics, I deeply care about how a user feels and uses a software from a top to down approach. 
  • While I am proficient at C# and Java, and am capable at working with Javascript, PHP, Node.JS, MySQL, MongoDB and more, I have a proven capacity for rapid comprehension and application of newly acquired information.
  • I am a naturally inquisitive individual. 
  • I care deeply about the people I work with.
  • I have incredible work ethic and I do not hesitate taking on new challenges.

What's so special about your team and Grasshopper:

With careful consideration to user experience, Grasshopper succeeds in making interface elements and components explicit and accessible. Users are aware of what a component does through use of typography, icons, and visual aids such as wires and component highlighting.

Grasshopper also uses skeuomorphic elements to make functions and components explicit.

Grasshopper also uses skeuomorphic elements to make functions and components explicit.

I admire you and your team's development transparency, responsiveness, and humility

Your team's devotion to development responsiveness and transparency speaks to me as how much you all care about Grasshopper, its developers, and its users. Your care for your users aligns with my personal philosophy.

  • You and Giulio made every effort to patiently give deep technical insight to my inquiries.
  • David, you are not hesitant to admit to the shortcomings of Grasshopper, a quality of humility I admire.
  • Your team's all-inclusive platform of SDK, forum, e-mail, and responsiveness allows you all to extensively interact with all your users and developers.

I would be proud to work with you and your team on these things:

  • Enhancing performance
    The way the application is written affects its user experience and interface in a strong way, as performance of the application affects the user experience equally much as the UI. I wish to apply the knowledge I gained from learning about software performance at school to make Grasshopper run more efficiently.
  • Even better documentation and SDK
    Grasshopper's SDK is the heart and soul of Grasshopper development. Using Grasshopper's SDK for six months, I was able to personally experience its strengths and limitations; it can be hard at times to find a simple method that I need to use (or even know if it exists or not). This is one thing to consider - I wish to work alongside you to create an even more accessible documentation and SDK for future developers. I would love to hear more about what you think about this idea!

  • Grasshopper 3D 2
    Grasshopper is the best attempt so far at a functional and beautiful graphical programming software. However, its initial development never accounted for its growth, and a little bloat in the front-end and back-end was its consequence. A powerful and scalable back-end on top of an even more accessible user interface would be my vision for Grasshopper 2!

Thank you for reading. I really hope we can get to know each other very soon.

P.S. If you want to continue the conversation, feel free to contact me on Skype or my personal e-mail.