Work, Android Development, and Life

It has been awhile since my previous entry, so I thought I would do a brief update. I've been mostly busy with school. My school tends to strap rockets onto its course work past a particular week, so we all tend to just hold onto our dear lives without seat belts.

I've been applying to jobs, there is a very particular company that I would die to work for. I paid special attention to them, and applied in a more personal fashion. Hoping to hear the good news soon.

I have also been working on an Android app. Something simple. Its creation was partly to learn, and partly to deal with my allergies. I called it Pollen Buddy. Here's a sneak preview:


There's still some various UI elements to consider, such as putting more emphasis on the weight and importance of the information. I need to make clear what the pollen values mean, so likely a legend (important not to clutter the interface, however). My friend, a graphicDesigner/industrialDesigner/awesomeDude by trade has been giving me some great feedback on what to tweak. Shout out to B. 

The Android development environment certainly was foreign in the beginning. However, I quickly acclimated to the XML-based UI formatting and utilizations of threads for network-based communication. This app uses JSoup to scrape Wunderground pollen data (they don't have an API) which means I cannot do operations within my main thread. So I used an Asynchronous Thread, which was rather interesting!

Life has been pretty good. I've been keeping up with sleep, with social life, with family, with school, and of course, learning every day. 

Discovering Android development really excites me, however. Like I previously said, it was a bit foreign at first, but I can see many doors opening up. I can see myself developing more apps, whether it's to learn or distribute.