Delayed Gratification with College Work

Fortunately for this quarter, I was blessed with a great schedule and class slot times that allows me to have three-day weekends - my Fridays are entirely free! Now, this brings into the subject of whether this is actually a good thing or a bad thing, at least for me..

The latter part of this weekend, Friday and Saturday, I basically just chilled around. I partially completed my programming assignments (learning JFrames..), and today, Sunday, I completed my English assignments. In completing my assignments early for this week, I found the importance of time management and in not becoming behind in completing homework. When I feel rushed, or feel constrained with time, my priorities towards things begin to change. I begin to not do homework for their intended purposes, that is, to learn. If I was constrained with time, I would instead pursue assignments for the sake of completion, or to satisfy an arbitrarily determined due-date. Certainly, the purpose of this journal is not to vent about me being behind with homework or assignment (as a matter of fact, I'm actually ahead of schedule by doing all assignments due this week ahead of time), but it surely stresses the importance of me personally not becoming behind, as my perceived goals change for the worse.

Doing an assignment for completion feels, to me, as if it's an obligation. I must do it, whether I like it or not. However, doing an assignment ahead of time, though generally taking longer and requires more self-rigor, makes it easier for me to see the long term purpose of doing so, that is, for the sake of learning. 

I feel writing this reminds me why I should do assignments ahead of time, despite sometimes feeling procrastination or myopic dopamine fixes (such as video games or doing something else other than work) as a greater, though more short-term, reward.

Ah, yes, delayed gratification is the psychological term I am looking for. Thanks, Psych 101.